Don't simplify, but clarify

You want to tell a story. A story in which complex information must be made accessible, understandable and aesthetically pleasing.


You have come to the right place. My specialty is producing explanatory visuals in the form of animation and illustration. Think for example of flat-grounds, architectural details, process diagrams, explainer videos, infographics or figures for EMVI tenders.



I always strive for a simple and clear image, with a clear message without noise. I do this by carefully weighing up what should and should not be visualized. This applies to both my assignments and my free work.



For organizations and companies, the use of animations is becoming increasingly attractive. In contrast to written text, animations are eminently suitable for holding the viewer's attention and conveying information in a short period of time. In addition, animations have a large reach via the Internet and mobile platforms.



Whether it's an explainer video or a moving logo, animations bring your story to life.

See more examples here.



In addition to schematic illustrations, I also produce figurative illustrations that can be used to depict an idea or concept.



It may happen that the right stock image is not available or that an illustration must fit within your corporate identity. In that case too, a custom-made illustration will offer a solution. Click here for more examples.